Off Camber Crawlers (OCC)

About Off Camber Crawlers:

OCC’s primary activities are safe and prepared OHV driving, trail maintenance, helping each other build our OHV rigs, socializing, camping, and fighting the OHV road closures. OCC is a close-knit group of people who enjoy the company of friends. Members and guests are always encouraged to bring their families to club events, “Wrench-a-thons” to repair or modify your rig, or to just learn by helping out others to get together when you can’t make it to the trail.

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The OCC Email Forum/List is truly the central vein of OCC. A substantial portion of the OCC community is our mailing list. This is where we meet and greet everyone. Questions are posted, answers are given. Trips are setup, meetings times coordinated. Technical questions are posted by newcomers and the old-timers provide years of experience.

Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to post any questions or responses on our list. This is an email list for the Off-Camber Crawlers off road club, you will be a guest for 6 months. Please use that time to decide if this club is right for you. At the end of the 6 months we hope you will have joined or declared your intention to join. If your 6 months pass and you have not made an attempt to join you will be removed from the list.

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