Welcome to Chaos Offroad!

This page is built for the wheelers, by the wheelers. This is not an exclusive club or a group. We are here to help grow and evolve the east coast 4×4 community. Anyone with 4 wheels, a transfer case and a good attitude is welcome.

Our goals are to make our area a destination wheeling spot for the rest of the country. Open new parks, put on more events and races.

This is where the east coast 4×4 enthusiasts can come to find out what is going on in their local community. The calendar page will list all of the events that we have been made aware of, from a wrenching party, to a race, to a show or a trail ride. Check out the classes and workshops available near you . Plan your trips, read about local off road parks and what they are doing this year.

Lets build something amazing!  If you have input or ideas on how we can make this a better place let us know!

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